Off to a great start

A group of smiling people posing in front of a projection screen with the letters MEEE in large writing.
The MEEE kick-off seminar attracted a wide variety of participants.

The MEEE consortium met in person for the first time 18-20 February 2020 in Yangon, Myanmar. The three-day programme of the kick-off meeting included a project board meeting, working meetings and a seminar with wider stakeholders. At the stakeholder event, the space was buzzing with enhusiasm and many stakeholders outside the academia were also present, including the EU Delegation to Myanmar, Embassy of Finland, UN-Habitat, Ministry of Electricity and Energy and Ministry of Natural Resources, Foundation for Renewable Energy and Environment (FREE) and WWF Myanmar.

At the meeting, the discussion revolved around the themes of educational reform, energy policy and connection between the academia and society at large. The dsicussions laid a solid foundation for the work of the project, which will continue until November 2022 and aims to contribute to sustainable and inclusive socio-economic growth in Myanmar by enhancing capacities of local universities.

You can find the presentations from the event here.